mark warwick sculpture & drawings

I was attracted to the United States by the
architecture which was less encumbered—the firm, straight edges that predominate American cityscapes contrast sharply with the curvilinear decorativeness of Europe.

My current work reflects the essence of American cities, but the curves and
inconsistencies remain in my mind and relate to the human element contained in the buildings. My concern is to produce an architecture in which no one lives—a sculpture.

Drawing is also an important part of my working process, coming before, during and after the making of sculpture. The illusion of drawing helps me to escape the physical boundaries associated with making sculpture—gravity, obstacles, space, or time issues.

My drawings are like travel vignettes—I seem to work in retrospect—
responding to my travels—moving from one place to another. I believe today that as I place my sculptures in situations around the world,

my drawings are coming to life.”